MiSyte – (pronounced My Site) – is a web design and mobile app development company that listens to you, finds your message and helps you deliver it to your client… so you can say “It’s My Site!”. Jamie Gilleland started the company in 2008 and has been loving the opportunity to help businesses grow ever since (our tag line is Where Your Business Takes Flyte - ok, we had to keep that spelling thing going, get the “syte”, “flyte”). We want to Build a Better Website or Mobile Application for you, one that you can manage (no required “webmaster”, but we’re still here to help if you want us to), one that converts your visitors into customers. We want to be your partner in helping to deliver your message and we want you to have fun doing it. So please browse our site, and click the “learn more” to speak with us and hear how we can help your “Syte”- “Take Flyte”

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Bulloch County

Misyte created the Bulloch County site, with two sub sites for the courts and tax departments.  A mobile app was also created. http://bullochcounty.net/            


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Boshaw Residential

Boshaw Residential is a construction company in Hilton Head, SC.  Mr. Boshaw came to Misyte to create a site that portrayed the professional image of his work, and was easy to maintain and update.  Case Study Coming Soon              


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HHI Lighthouse

Harbourtown Lighthouse is an icon of the tourism industry, the image from the “Heritage Golf Tournament” and a favorite spot to visit on vacations (and view the webcams).


TC Outdoors

TC Outdoors is a retail store, selling outdoor hunting and fishing equipment. They wanted a site that was clean, and defined what they did. Case Study coming soon.


Corks Wine Co.

Corks Wino Co Bluffton was referred to Misyte by another client of ours.  They had a budget in mind and wanted a site that they could manage on their own.  We created a site that was fun and informative, and gave the feel of the Wine Bar.


Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy Lowcountry   case study coming soon.



Security and Peace of Mind

Websites are vulnerable to being hacked and getting viruses if they are not kept up to date with security updates.  Daily or Weekly backups give you the peace of mind that you always have a current version if anything catastrophic does happen. latest updates and patches daily or weekly backups monthly reports Starting at $200/month


I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie and her team on a new website for my business.  She did an amazing job in our re-branding.  Everything she has done for the site is in a very timely manner,  She went above and beyond to service me and get the new site up sooner than [...]


“We now have a showcase website!  And, Misyte treated us great from beginning to end – it was a true partnership. The design is creative, classy, modern, and easy to navigate.  Everyone in the office loves it, especially the feeling of looking through a window as if we are inviting people in.  It’s even nicer [...]