Getting Clear – How We’re Evolving

Getting Clear – How We’re Evolving

Look, it’s a simple fact that a business HAS to evolve.  Look at any successful company and you’ll see that.

Take a hard look at any unsuccessful company and you’ll figure out pretty damned quick one of the key reasons for failure was (usually) they didn’t evolve.  The restaurant Steak and Ale allowed their menu to remain virtually unchanged for 40 years, and when their guests all died off, so did the brand.

Likewise, ANY tech company has no choice but to innovate, and more traditional companies?  You guessed it.  How we shop for commodities is changing due to Amazon, and while plenty of brick and mortar businesses are struggling, to me, all the energy they’re directing into bitching about the business would be better spent simply figuring how to meet their customers’ needs versus dragging around a failing business model.

We take a deep look into this in our book Formula 567, but let’s keep it simple for the time being.

So what’s with the reboot of MiSyte?

Simple – Jamie and I took a long look at how the business was structured and we realized our stated vision – to move entrepreneurs and business owners from frustration to freedom – wasn’t being deployed effectively.  In a whirlwind of discussion, in a fully loaded Chevy dually traveling down Interstate 75, we turned off the radio, turned off the notifications on the phones, and for the next six hours, reimagined how we could actually get shit done and build the value for our clients – no matter how big or small those clients were.

“Great!  What the Hell does that mean?”

Well, unlike Steak and Ale or Sears, MiSyte was and is doing great financially.

Incredible clients, incredible results for those clients, and plenty of prospects.

The problem?

We didn’t have the right products to serve ALL of those customers we were so pumped up about moving “from frustration to freedom.”

If THAT is really our vision (and it is), then our former business model WASN’T doing that – not to the scale we envisioned when we wrote it out in 2018.  Something had to change.

It did somewhere around Jellico, Kentucky on I-75.

Our experience had taught us a few things – there were two distinct categories of clients in our book of business – “new and thrifty” and “seasoned and busy.”

“New and Thrifty” needed our knowledge for their own education and business planning but couldn’t afford it and “Seasoned and Busy” need our knowledge but only cared if it worked – and didn’t care what it cost.  The bank account balances of those two types of clients were as different as their needs.

So that was a problem – one overarching business plan couldn’t serve both types of customers as it existed.

Now it does.

This month, we’re introducing our newest set of tools – the Digital Marketing Box – filled with training courses on the things you need to know and in the order you need to know them, from “how to write an ebook” to “picking the right CRM” and we’ve intentionally keep those prices ridiculously low.  Like $27/month low.

Why?  If potential clients cannot understand why we’re suggesting the solutions we’re suggesting, then we don’t give them value from the first call.  You need to know we love Infusionsoft, and Word Press, and Memberium, and we’re firmly committed to building out sales funnels for clients, NOT just slapping together a single-serve product and scurrying away.

Yes, we’re going to be dropping a Mastermind Program, likely in Quarter 3, but it’s critical that right now, we make sure we’re helping YOU – wherever you are in the entrepreneurial journey – move from frustration to freedom.

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