Getting’ Sh(!)t Done

Getting’ Sh(!)t Done

Okay, how many of you have made the decision to introduce a product or service and then sat on the idea.  Hidden it away for “someday” and uncovered it when times got tough and thought, “I really need to do that, but I need capital first.  When things turn around, I’ll get back to it.”

Don’t do that.  If you have an idea, the best time to introduce it is when you have the freakin’ idea!

Yeah, it might not be perfect, you’ll obviously have to make some changes and adapt some new pieces, but get that idea out there to whomever your target client is, especially if you already have clients that you know would be perfect for the product.

Case in point, some years ago, I was involved in an open mastermind group that met once a week in South Carolina.  Despite it being a breakfast meeting, membership was kind of loosely arranged around a flat fee and the overall goals were about networking for businesses in the area.

At the same time, we were passing some serious money around – between a half million to a million dollars a month.

One of the long-time members brought a guest who had been handling contract work for him for many years and guess what?

The contractor was floored.  He received incredible benefits from his attendance and after several weeks, he finally turned to his longtime associate (who had invited him) and said, “How long have you been in this group?”

“About three years.”

“You’ve been making these connections and getting business this whole time?”


“Why the Hell did it take you three years to invite me, you bastard?”

Now, to be sure, the guy was mad as a wet cat, but eventually they made up and continue to do business today; but the point is this:  If you have something you know your clients need, why on Earth would you sit on your hands and NOT give it to them?  (Like THIS)

It’s your duty to do just that!  It’s your obligation to provide the successful resources your clients need to further their goals, whatever those are.

So let’s look at why you’re not implementing these ideas…

  • You don’t have the resources.   If Daymond John can create a fashion empire worth billions from $40 and his mother’s sewing machine, you don’t have any excuse.  Real talk?  Most of you read “resources” and see “money” but that’s not always the case.  Either way, if you don’t have the “resources” then your ass better get “resourceful.”
  • You don’t know how to implement your idea. Again, nonsense.  We’ve got a client right now who has made over $25,000 in the last quarter by cobbling together PayPal, a private Facebook page, and a laserlike focus on being available to her clients via Facebook and, in the last four weeks, via her new Infusionsoft system.  Was it perfect?    Is it perfect?  Nope, but it’s getting better every day and her systems are constantly evolving forward.  How many times have your own clients responded favorably to the simple fact you were serving them any way you could?  You might not have the prettiest mini-course on your website, but it’s got to be better than no course at all.
  • You don’t know where to shine your own light. Let’s say you’ve got mad skills in some field and you told your old company to kiss off, so know you have to generate income quickly.  How can you do it?  Well, for starters, does anyone know what you’re doing?  If the answer is “no” then you better start preaching it.  Get on Facebook, run Live broadcasts every day (at the same time each day), straight up ask people where they’re stuck in the realm(s) you can serve them in, and in general, get busy.
  • Fill up your calendar. Sitting around in your office with nothing to do sucks.  If you look at your planner or digital schedule and are perplexed by all the free time you’ve got, fill up the day.  Reach out to people, schedule a call or a meeting with local experts who compliment your own skills, and start spreading the word on who you want as a client.  Even if you feel like your spinning your wheels for that first week, the simple fact is, you’re practicing your pitch to all of these folks, getting crystal clear on who your serve and how you work with people.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool and when your meeting is done, ask them for the business, the referral, or the introduction to their network.  That brings up a key point…
  • Never forget to ask for the business. I can already hear you, “I have fiduciary responsibility to my clients, so it’s imperative we onboard them in certain industry specific ways.”    You can’t do that until you sell something, so get busy on generating the business.  Even if the folks your meeting with aren’t a great match, who can you help them to meet?  Who can they help you to meet?  Ask, dammit!

You’ve got a choice – take massive action or goof off and go under.  Money follows attention, so the more people you share you goals with and reach as a result of your marketing and branding effort will give you the traction you need.

Get moving – now.

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