Making Black Friday Work For YOU

Making Black Friday Work For YOU

Look, I get it – nobody’s “ready” for the holidays this year.  First of all, a bunch of us are still trying to process how we’ve made it this far.

What’s changing.

What’s staying the same.

What’s it all mean.

…But on the other hand, the world is, more or less, open for business, and you know what?

The way you used to run your company isn’t that way you can anymore.

Let me give you an example:  For years, especially when I was still in outside sales, I’d watch companies and other sales people slow down as the holiday season started.  Every year, I’d hear the same excuses, too…

“Nobody wants to buy…”

“They’ve all spent their budget for the year.”

“I’ve already hit my goals for the year, so I’m just pushing it all until Quarter One.”


I listened to these excuses for a long time while I quietly continued to book sales up until the last week of the year, and I never once understood why so many people and companies “phone it in” for the last 4-8 weeks of the year.

Fast forward to today.

For the last seven years, we’ve been actively pushing our clients to make the fourth quarter of their year their biggest quarter, and we’ve had a TON of success in that strategy.  It all started when WE decided to push harder in our own business, and you know what?

Quarter Four is generally our biggest quarter.

It should be yours, too.  Now, the excuses you’re going to hear?  They’ll be the same ones you’ve always heard, but do me a favor – listen to them, nod at them, and ignore them.

Seriously, it’s just another objection, but it’s one we can agree with personally, and so, as a sales person, we tend to actually fall for it.

I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’d like to see how you can make your fourth quarter kick ass, my team and I are hosting a Black Friday Sales Challenge on October 25-29th from 3-4 Eastern that’s FREE to join.  I’m not going to guarantee you’ll make more money by joining it, but I’ll guarantee I’m going to show you some awesome ideas and tactics to put more money in your pocket – BEFORE the year ends.

Check out the Black Friday Sales Challenge right here and get signed up for it, because it could literally change your entire year.  The same tactics we’ll be showing you are the ones we’ve used to average $17,000 in Black Friday sales every year in our digital marketing agency.

Remember, November and December are “supposed” to be our slowest months!

Not anymore…

Click here and join the Challenge, and see how you can add an extra four, five, or even SIX digits to your fourth quarter…

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