Technology Strategies


MiSyte offers our clients years of experience in developing strategically-integrated marketing communications programs.  In fact, our solutions are always grounded in strategy.  Who’s the buyer?  How are they buying?  Why are they buying?   We work closely with our clients to develop technology strategies that are perfectly suited to their needs – and the needs of their business.

Our strategic perspective, along with our demonstrated ability to develop and implement integrated programs, is a key differentiator and allows MiSyte to control the quality and cost of technology solutions.  Integrated solutions that play to your company’s strengths.

How do we do this?  By taking the time to understand our clients’ business goals; markets; competitive environment; core competencies and values; and key differentiator(s).  Just as importantly, we craft these solutions to make it easy for your client to say, “yes!”

As a MiSyte client, you’ll appreciate our ability to provide strategically-driven, integrated marketing communications programs which solve your specific challenges.  Our principals started their careers on the client side in operations management, sales, and marketing communications positions.  The result?  We have a unique ability to understand today’s complex business situations and technologies from the client’s perspective.   As specialists in business technology strategy, we have more experience—and demonstrated success—in marketing diverse and specialized needs and services to carefully targeted audiences.


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