Quit Goofing Off

Quit Goofing Off

Okay, the theme for this month has been ALL about change, because we’re reimagining MiSyte, but let’s get clear on one of the biggest problems we hear EVERYDAY and why we’re drawing a line in the proverbial sand.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are ALL guilty of this to some degree – they’ll do one of two things.

  • Never evolve and quietly fail, or, if they manage to stay in business, they’ll lie to themselves and say they are in a “niche” – yes, a niche wherein they can never create real wealth. If you live in America and can’t break six figures for your business, you have a crappy niche or you aren’t focused on your clients and the results they want.
  • Constantly shift around with reckless abandon and continually “try” new ideas, with no regard for how that particular idea fits into their overall marketing and branding. What happens?  Clients don’t understand why you’re doing a certain action and thus, they are hesitant to commit.

Here’s how we’re solving that challenge:

Our line in the sand is this – we are a digital marketing business that knows what works and is pushing the limits on numerous software platforms that work “behind the scenes.”

When we say, for example, ditch Constant Contact for Keap or why put it on Teachable when you can gate the same content behind Memberium, it’s for a reason.

If a potential client can’t see the value of the various softwares we’ve used for years and generated millions of dollars through the deployment of, then we can’t help them.

In other words. we came here to chew bubble gum and move entrepreneurs from frustration to freedom, and we’re all outa bubble gum.  Do you second guess your doctor?  Your attorney?  Why does any business based on expertise allow itself to be second guessed by clients, especially those who haven’t proven (at least to themselves and the tax man) their idea is viable?

We’re not saying that from a place of conceit, but from a place of service.  You want the fastest path to cash with the tools and resources you offer clients in your business.  We want that for you, too.  Trying to be a rebel may work, but what’s the price of it actually working?

Believe it or not, the only people who have pushed back on this idea have been the people who are just starting out.  Entrepreneurs and established business owners haven’t batted an eye.

Why is that?  As usual, I have an opinion on that:  Money.  Not the cost of software, but the new entrepreneur’s beliefs about money.

Like, how they can make it.

Like how, somehow, by spending the money on quality software for their business, that software is not going to make them more money.

In other words, a consumer mindset, not an entrepreneurial mindset.

Consumers use things up and have to go get more things.  Entrepreneurs make things and those things make them money.

So a lot of parts of our newest line of products a focused on showing those new business owners how stuff works and how the ultimate goal is for those tools (and that’s really what they are) make the business money, whether we do it for them or they choose to do it themselves.

Got it?  Good.  Chat soon!

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