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Over the years, MiSyte has had the pleasure to work with 100s of clients making their business a success in their industry. Our customers have given us the best possible gift by sharing their joy and success in words and videos. Please browse through our customer stories and endorsements to understand the kind of support we give to our clients. 

We proudly begin with the work we did for Michael E Gerber, Author of The E-Myth, and his lovely wife, Luz Delia Gerber. Take a listen below.

“Jamie, you are not only committed, but extraordinarily gifted, and not only that, but your intense purpose and your determination to see it through….  83,000 people in the streaming video, Jamie how in the world did you do it….  We have worked with so many people over the years, but you are a rarity, Jamie. “.

Jamie had the pleasure of being able to work with Michael E Gerber on many projects, and his wife Luz Delia on surprising Michael with an 80th birthday party which we invited people to join the party online.  From the marketing campaign, 83,000 people showed up.

Jamie assisted with the launch of Michael’s latest book,  Beyond the E-Myth, which he added an acknowledgement to (see below).  Chris has been writing for Michael’s Inc Magazine and other articles for several years now as well.


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“She creates a cash flow machine that works for you 24 x 7”

Mitch Huhem has worked with presidents, celebrities, CEO’s, billionaires and business owners around the country.  Mr. Huhem has been called a Billion Dollar Business Strategist because he has the rare ability to find the key things in your business or investments that can make all of the difference. Having lived a true rags to riches story, he is passionate and clear about what works and what doesn’t.  Jamie got the chance to work with Mitch on several projects.


Jamie and the team at Misyte brought us fast and effective solutions for our online marketing efforts. As an Infusionsoft Expert Jamie not only knows the ins and outs of the software, she applies her practical knowledge and marketing expertise to ensure we get results every time. We’ve also had the pleasure of having Jamie speak and train for our organization and her presentations show us how to apply innovative marketing strategies to get more business with great systems to back them up. I highly recommend Jamie Gilleland as a Speaker, Infusionsoft Expert and Small Business Strategist.

~ Nancy Matthews


Who are we working with and what do they have to say about us, that’s the question you’re asking.  Well, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top speakers and marketing minds in the world.  They have come to us, or seen Jamie speak and wanted to tell the world what they thought.  Please click around, we have nothing to hide.

I honestly am short for words in describing our companies experience with Jamie. We are a new investment/investment firm entering the marketplace and as such, we required an EXTREMELY customized, robust and detailed system to assist us in transactions, client management, and reporting. Jamie has been put in a challenging spot with extremely high expectations and she has delivered. We are extremely proud to have partnered with Jamie, she works days, nights, weekends and holidays and has always been pleasant to deal with and has a can-do attitude. I NEVER hear “It cant be done”, I always hear “Let me find a way”. We will keep Jamie and her team working with our firm on an ongoing basis.

~ Ryan Card


There is nothing like a happy client. THANK YOU!

Meet Jeannie Levinson

If you’ve ever heard of “Guerilla Marketing” Jeannie and her husband Jay Conrad Levinson literally wrote the book on it.  Jeannie and Jamie have spoken at several events together.

Meet Sharon Lechter

Sharon wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad for Robert Kiyosocki as well as Think and Grow Rich For Women under the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  She’s a coach, speaker and amazing leader.

Meet Berny Dohrmann

Berney is the Founder of CEO Space. Need we say more?  He’s worked with alot of marketers over the years so we’re glad to have his opinion.

Meet Cheryl Snapp Conner

Cheryl has a Public Relations Agency in Utah.  She and Jamie happened to be speaking at the same event and next thing you know, Jamie was in  Forbes.

The promise that we make you is the ability to turn “good” into “great”.
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Let’s face it, today, the ability for entrepreneurs to scale their business is directly proportional to how much they can automate the systems and processes within it.  No scale, no sale.

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One of the most popular ways that businesses are engaging clients and customers today is by building membership sites. Missing out on this valuable asset for your clients will limit your reach.


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